Faux Fur Economically and Environmentally Chic

In the fashion industry, famous designers are transitioning from real fur to faux fur. However, it’s not just a fashion movement but it’s also an environmental movement.  Faux fur is better for the environment as well as for the ecosystem. Some people don’t like the look and feel of faux fur and decide to buy real fur. I believe you don’t have to wear expensive fur to add a lovely texture to your look.

 Fall's hottest trends for 2018 with Teen Fashion Blogger Gabrielle

The environmental difference between faux furs and real furs depends on the product. However, faux fur saves animals from becoming extinct. For example, it takes a lot of minks to make one real fur coat. Before we know it, all the minks will be gone. Faux fur ensures that the ecosystem is not compromised and animal fur hunting decreases. People once considered faux fur as cheap and trashy but it is an affordable way to get that expensive fur look without causing harm to animals or the environment.

 Fall's hottest trends for 2018 with Teen Fashion Blogger Gabrielle

Here are some tips to help tie faux fur into any look. First of all, you have to buy the right fur. When looking for faux fur, make sure you go for the good quality material instead of cheap material. Your faux furs should have the same resemblance and texture as the real thing. Also, pair your faux fur with accent jewelry. This ties the whole look together and provides a central focus. Big statement earrings can add a more luxurious and dramatic look. Another great tip, is to layer with bulkier pieces. You can pair your faux fur vest with a long sleeve sweater or shirt. This adds more of the texture that you would get in a fur coat. You can even pair two fur coats together and create an overdressed look. 




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