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Best musical talent

September Foster and Gabrielle “Bri” Pinkney

You must hear these girls before you die. Period. They are as good as Whitney Houston in her heyday. Honorable mention goes to the highly energtic and entertaining K’bana Blaq and Blessing Leji. They get honorable mention only in deference to the children.

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Modeling and Performing at New York Fashion week was an EPIC and EMOTIONAL moment for me.

Twelve-year-old Gabrielle "Bri" Pinkney of Virginia Beach not only modeled, but later brought the house down with a rousing rendition of Nina Simone's "Feeling Good." And her style was perfect in a black dress trimmed in pearls, created by Chesapeake native Dutch Douglas of Ric Lamar Clothing.

The Hampton Roads Show

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – Her titles include singer, songwriter, actress and model – but the thing is,  she’s only 11-years old.


ACHI Magazine

In a beautifully designed space the evening offered a number of high points, most notably the vocal performance of eleven year old Gabrielle "Bri" Pinkney, who is also quite the accomplished public speaker.  Read the full review at

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Gabrielle Bri Pinkney 11-year-old Singer, Songwriter, Model and Actress

This little girl is very much a powerhouse and when she raises her voice in song, you know immediately that she is something quite different and special, someone powerfully blessed.  Her voice has all of the depth, volume, richness and clarity of a singer many years her senior.



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When Gabrielle Pinkney announced to her third-grade friends at Three Oaks Elementary that she would play the role of young Michael Jackson in an upcoming Hurrah Players' production, they were a little confused, she said.  "But you're a girl," they said.  "I've got rhythm and a lot of good moves," she replied.