Summer, Summer, Summertime! Time for New, Cool Fashion Styles

It’s Summer, Summer, Summertime and it’s time for some fresh and exciting fashion trends that can jazz up anybody’s closet. I must say that I’m ecstatic to try out some of the fashion trends this summer. My favorite fashion trends are some looks I’ve never thought about wearing for this season. Here’s some looks I’m interested in exploring and I hope some of my tips will help you, my readers, feel ready to conquer the world during the scorching heat as you wear the coolest fashion trends for summer.

Straw Totes/Handbags

2019 Summer Fashion Trends
Recently while shopping in Marshall’s, I had the good fortune to find this adorable gingham staw tote that had the same pattern of a skirt that I already own.

I’ve frequently seen these cute little straw purses/totes in the stores and I’ve been dying to get one for my abundant purse collection. I believe this beachy, naturally organic tote will be a showstopper this summer and will become one of my go to bags. I’ve seen these adorable straw totes in Ross and Marshall’s. This is great for me because I can get a cute straw tote for an affordable price. Recently while shopping in Marshall’s, I had the good fortune to find this adorable gingham staw tote that had the same pattern of a skirt that I already own.  I couldn’t believe how perfect this find was because it was on sale and it was a beautiful accent piece for my skirt.  I think straw totes are perfect for a casual day at the beach or any social event. This delicate purse gives a organic, vintage vibe to any summer look and practically can go with any outfit. Whether it’s a simple, flowing white dress or a bubbly, striped jumpsuit, a classic straw tote adds an extra pop to every look.

Fringe, Fringe, Fringe

Talk about taking a bohemian look to the next level. I am obsessed with this trend. I have several fringe fashion pieces from fringed ankle boots, a fringed tank top, and fringed kimonos. I usually pull out this look for the fall season because the style reminds me of nature and suede. However, fringe with its flowy, hippie-like fabric can be great for summer festivals. I think wearing fringe in the summer is a great idea especially when taken to the extreme. I found a lot of my fringe items from the thrift store, but fringe is probably in a variety of stores and is easily accessible anywhere. With fringe, it can be a subtle addition to any outfit or add dramatic flair to a simple white tank top and shorts. Fringe is extremely versatile and that’s what I love about this new trend. Don’t be afraid of too much fringe, use it. I believe that fringe has the potential to make any look stand out, so fringe, fringe, fringe.

Modern Tea Dresses

Gabrielle "Bri" Pinkney
The great thing about the modern tea dress is that it can be used for special occasions and for a casual setting.

I remember when I used to dress up for tea parties at a country club or at my church. I felt so cute and fresh in my fit and flare dress. Then I got older and I didn’t wear those adorable tea dresses as much. I wanted to dress like a more mature young lady and the tea dresses I used to wear just didn’t accentuate my desired look. Well, now I’m in luck because the summer of 2019 is bringing in a new twist on the classic tea dress.  Instead of a fit and flare look, the modern tea dress has a straight flare style. This gives a more sophisticated look to a once flirty styled tea dress. The great thing about the modern tea dress is that it can be used for special occasions and for a casual setting. This type of dress can vary in patterns and colors. It’s a look that’s easily tailored for anybody’s sense of style. Keep in mind, it’s not necessary to go to Dillard’s for a “high-end”, tailored tea dress. Some of these dresses I see in Francesca’s, Papaya, Charlotte Russe and many other affordable retailers. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to find a nicely tailored dress for this fashion trend.

Biker Shorts

I haven’t really worn biker shorts before until this summer. I decided to use the biker shorts to go under my cameo shorts for an extra layer. Little did I know that these shorts would become one of the hottest trends of the summer of 2019. I liked using the biker shorts as a layer under my other shorts and I think it’s a great way to add dimension to an outfit. Some of the trending fashion pieces that pair well with the biker shorts are blazers. I’m not sure about wearing a bulky blazer for my body type, but I think a fitted blazer would work well with the look. Other jackets that would go harmoniously with biker shorts are a biker, leather jacket, rustic denim jacket, etc. Biker shorts are a unique type of shorts and adding a statement jacket gives the outfit the extra flair it needs.

Animal Prints

2019 Summer Fashion Trends
Rather it’s some funky shades, a flirty pair of stilettos, or an over-the-top jacket, this trend allows the flexibility of personal expression.

Animal Prints are a must have fashion trend for any season. I always keep a stash of animal print in my closet because this is a trend that occurs frequently. I like to add a pop of color with this type of outfit to brighten up the stationary color palate. There are different types of animal prints available, but I like the leopard print best for my body type. I think it’s important to figure out which print will accentuate your body. Animal prints are easibly accessible and can be found anywhere from the thirft store to the mall. I encourage those wanting to try this trend to go wild; no pun intended. There are so many cool and inventive ways that you can use to spice up these types of prints that it would be a disservice not to add personal flare/interpretation. Rather it’s some funky sunglasses, a flirty pair of stilettos or an over-the-top jacket, this trend allows the flexibility of personal expression. I’m excited to explore how I can jazz up this considerably repeated trend this summer.

One Shoulder

This trend is very interesting and a unique spin on the off the shoulder look. A cute off the shoulder look is perfect for the spring and summer season and gives off a fun, youthful look. The one shoulder adds some edge to this type of top. A bright colored one shoulder top is definitely the way to go because the pop of hue tends to excentuate the arms. A bright colored top is a great introduction into the summer season and highlights your shimmering summer glow. A one shoulder top can be dressy or casual and is perfect for any occasion. There are different styles, colors and patterns for this type of piece. The top could have fancy ruchuing or a simple, fitted silhouette. There are so many ways to mash up this fashion look.

2019 Summer Fashion Trends
I like to wear elegant pearls with my polka dot dresses if I’m doing a business related activity.

Spots/Polka Dots

The classic spots are still in fashion for the summer of 2019. I want to take this classy look to the next level with accent jewelry and accesories. The great thing about a simple canvas is that it can be easily transformed into a new outfit. I like to wear elegant pearls with my polka dot dresses if I’m doing a business related activity. If I’m having a girl’s night out, I like to add a pop of color to my simple polka dot look. Whether it’s an extravagant pair of earrings or a textured clutch, the smallest touches can make the biggest difference for this type of look. Don’t be afraid to jazz it up, sometimes it’s the accesories that really make an outfit stand out.


Being the girly girl I am, I’m excited to see this trend in the summer of 2019. I know not everyone is into an abundance of sequins in their outfits, but there are different varitations that can be done with sequins. Some people can choose to go with a more elegant touch of sequins, maybe on a purse or on some earrings. For the glitzy glam fanatics out there, go crazy. Get some blinged out sneakers or a party cocktail dress. I have an array of sequins outfits and accesories to choose from. Figure out where a touch of sparkle will complement a look. Sequins can easily be toned down and blinged up depending on what the outfit needs. Take my word for it, sparkle makes everything better.

Bermuda Shorts

These are the new go to shorts of the summer. The style of the bermuda shorts makes them look extremely comfortable but highly fashionable at the same time. The shorts hang right above the knee and are more loose fitting. Bermuda shorts come in many cool patterns that gives a fun eye catching look to any plain t-shirt or tank top. Match the colorful patterns with some other unique patterns like a printed bucket hat or a quirky purse. There’s even denim bermuda shorts, which I think are a great twist from the regular denim jeans. It’s a great option to have for a denim look without it being too heavy, especially in the summer heat. With this trend, I have the opportunity to be creative and I’m excited to see what variations of looks I will come up with.

2019 Summer Fashion Trends
My black Bermuda shorts pair nicely with this crochet tank top and American Eagle crochet sandals.


This bohemian look will be popular this summer. This trend is perfect for the beach or any beautiful day outside. The crochet material is very comfortable and has an effortless feel to it. A crochet top looks even more hippie with a flowy high-waist pant. To make this look really pop, add a edgy denim vest. The great thing about crochet is that it stands out on its own. A person can add whatever they want to accompany the crochet outfit, but letting the crochet speak for itself is not a bad idea either. A crochet inspired look can vary from a crotchet dress with a classy straw hat or a crochet tank top with a denim jacket and ripped jeans. It all depends on the wearer’s mood.

I’m excited to explore all these new fashion trends and put my own spin on it.  What is your favorite fashion trend this summer?

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